The Action Within Inaction

I’m currently in an Equine Therapy training in Austin, TX preparing to begin an equestrian center in Bahia, Brazil. My training has encompassed healing on the deepest of levels so that I ultimately can become truly present with the horses.  Learning that this is what we truly teach those who are called to any type of horsemanship work.  How to be in the present moment with the horses, to find this sense of presence in our daily lives. And from this point is where true healing can occur, where we can tap into our dreams and desires.  And ultimately live the life we were born to live.

Before each of my training sessions I arrive 30 minutes early to tune in, connect with nature, calm my mind and arrive fully.  During one of my meditations my intution guided me to write two small paragraphs.  The first was from my last post Whispers from My Feminine ♥️.  My teacher later described to me that this embodied the feminine aspect, Shakti.. receiving, receptive side.  And the second was Shiva, the masculine, both direct and wise, followed on the wings of the feminine. The words I received are below..


tuning inI feel the wind.

The coolness of the day.

The drops of rain here and there.


I calm my mind

and come to this place

of zero thought.

Of the action within inaction.

My body,

my soul,

my mind,

my eyes

feel more nourished


then I have in quite some time..


So, I’m coming back to this blog after not posting anything for about 8 years.  Over the past two months random folks have recently started liking, following and commenting. I took this as a sign from the universe to begin again.

When I first began this blog, it was based on following my heart, trusting in its inherent wisdom and allowing it to guide my life.  Since this time I have truly done just this! And now it is leading me on this path of moving to Brasil, working with horses and discovering my next steps through its whispers.

I have renamed the blog the name of the Equestrian Project.. Coração de Ouro, Heart of Gold.. For our main requirement is that each human and each horse involved innately carries a heart of gold within them.  I’ll be writing poetry and insights all received from the horses and that which I am learning along the way. 

Thank you for being on this journey with me.  I am not sure what is to unfold.  I’ve learned through my training to allow the Mother, the Divine Feminine to move through me, to listen and for my actions to be guided in this way. I feel immense gratitude for what is to come at the very core of my being! 


Angelique Marie

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Whispers from My Feminine ♥️

Look for the meaning..

of everything

in life.

Pay attention to its whispers

its signals

its signs..

for they show up

& are always present.

Beckoning us..

to come forth,

to awaken

to this very moment.





ooo la la

Spirals, chirping, a sound in the near distance
life, love, emotions, clarity, awakening.

Dancing, dreaming, reality,
layers, manifestation, belief.

Saying Hi to the unknown, hello to the known.
Both are one in the same

Who are you? Do you dare to dive in?
Are you willing to face that which you perceive as your dark?

I offer you, invite you to take a peek.
For in that peek you will realize that darkness is not there.
Darkness is a perception stemmed from fear, from the unknown.

Yet, I challenge you to feel this “darkness” from your heart and
before long I promise you’ll perceive it as mere light.

Love all, be all, do all, share all.
Live, listen to the vibrations, the subtleties.
For they are always present,
awaiting your response, your acknowledgement.

Take that step, answer your call.
Discover your hidden, untapped potential.
Manifest your reality at hand, manifest your dreams.
Dare to dream. Dare to achieve. Dare to be free.

Open your arms, give a great big smile and hug the Earth.
Feeling the core rhythms within your core.

and play. live, feel merry, feel light

If you answer the call

I sit here at a turning point,
a crossover in my life.
I’ve dealt with,
I’ve faced
many a dark side,
many an internal demon.

I’m connected to those who love me,
who care for me,
whom show me compassion and mercy.

I’m taking a trip.
I giggle.. aloud …and I smile as I write this.

Currently, I am submersed in ‘the nature’ as I call it.
Feeling the temperature,
last I checked 33 degrees out 🙂

I smile,
I feel the connectedness, the hope
the knowing,
the love,
the future
the now.

How special,
how divine
this moment,
each moment
truly is.

I am beginning a new chapter
well am closing a chapter.
Beginning the afterword.
and come March, come March
a whole new book

so get ready, stay tuned.
I’ve much to share,
much I’ve been growing on.
Using the tools, the skills I’ve built
and sharing, showering the universes
Singing my hearts song of glory.
Your hearts song of glory.

So I dare you,
dare you I say.
As this winter time comes to an end,
to a mere completion.

Look back,
think upon your hibernation this wiinter time.
Feel what you’ve learned, feel your mistakes
(for they are not mistakes)
feel your challenges,
feel your love
your aspirations,
your plans,
your prayers

Send blessings,
send intentions from your heart.
Feel from your heart!
Open your eyes,
clear out your system
and make way for the new,
the unknown,
the excitement,
the adventure.

For it’s awaiting you,
if you answer the call…


close your eyes.
feel & be

be & feel…

allow your instincts to run free.

be one with nature, be one with the sky.

imagine you are an animal. a bird, a horse
a something, an anything

feel feelings of intimacy, of love.


dance your own dance. trust your instincts & follow your bliss

believe your are achieving your dreams,
believe in who you are.

and know,
know that which you honestly believe is allready achieved.


I hear a whistle blowing from someplace distant. The faint beat of a heartbeat from a familiar land. As I experience these sensations, these sounds, I think of you.

Time passes by, flirts with our memories, our feelings, our emotions. I hear ‘distance makes the heart grow fonder.’ I challenge, I question. For distance is not separateness, is oneness. Oneness with all.

I sense the many tides that come and go, the suns that rise and the same sun that sets, the experiences lived, the infinite within the finite and the finite within the infinite.

Yet my love for you never sways, never ceases. Our re-uniting feels just right; is home for me.

I offer you to think of time as non-existent. For when I am on your mind, call back upon a memory and feel it true, feel it now.

Trust I am on my path, shining my light ever so bright. Send prayers, send gratitude, send hope, send love. For I do the same for you. I feel your presence by my side. Feel your strength within me. You are a part of me, forever ingrained in my soul.

I love you. I thank you. I am honored to be a part of you. One with you.





day of gratitude

I see the sun.

I feel the energy, feel the glow from the moon.

I dance with the wind as it whisps my hair this way and that.

I laugh with the stars, I sing through the universes.


I take a step back,

and I smile.

I smile with much gratitude, an overflow of thankfulness.

For I am discovering this deep rooted internal glow you have always seen, unceasingly believed I’ve held.


I am humbled in your presence.

Humbled by your strength, your courage, your love for the majesticity of this world around us, with-in us.


I am inspired by your thoughtfulness, your way of living, your everything.


Thank you. Thank you for being you. Thank you for giving me my life.  Thank you for loving me. Thank you for being my Dad.

I lie awake

I lie awake and I wonder, 

wonder what is to come.

Where do I belong in this world?

How am I to honor my highest, my truest self?


I am a girl, that’s who I am.

Sometimes I call myself a woman.

Finding my way, dancing my dance,

swaying with the currents the universe blows my way.


I laugh. 

I desire to cry, but it comes not.

What part of me is blocked?

What am I not facing?

I can question, continue on & on

Yet, I choose to stop.

myself will unlock as it is ready


For now. Well, for now I decide to be.

To be me in every situation, no matter the beings present,

no matter the circumstances,

no matter what might happen.

For living in might, in maybe, in limbo serves me not.


I am love.

I embody truth.

I am an inspiration.


Know what keeps me going, keeps me thriving?


Yes, you.

The being who is taking the time to read this.

The being who opens their heart, their eyes, their ears to me.

Those of you who give me a chance,

But maybe even more so to those who do not.

For I do not give up.

Call me headstrong, call me stubborn

But know that I love you.


In the beginning there was love, forever there will be love.

I am love.

I am you..

Who are you?

My heart is pulling me, tugging me in ways I don’t understand. I’m 23 years old and am finally feeling like a woman, coming into this role. Standing up for myself, standing in who I am and not budging. Living my life for me, eradicating the old negative patterns of insecurities. Am doing a damn good job and sometimes forget to remind myself so.

I’m going through many changes right now, have been putting my body through many energetic shifts that I find I am finally releasing, letting go. Not trying to hold on or to control things. Realizing that we are all one, and love is imperative. Compassion, honesty, diligence. The path ahead is long, is hard, is winding. But that same path is beautiful, is one with much laughter, much love, much growth. Many realizations.

I’ve been recently asked to define what spiritual quality I would like to exude to others. What vibe, what message is my aura, my body language, my being, my ‘self’ showing the world. The world around me, the beings who cross my path, the ones I communicate with whether it be verbally, energetically, anything really.

I was given examples of love, of peace, of empowerment. While all those are powerful aspirations, I’ve come up with inspiration. For me inspiration encompasses love, peace, empowerment and much more. My goal is to be an inspiration for all. I’m on my path, on my journey and finding my way. I truly jumped on about 3 months ago and my experiences have been beautiful. The lessons learned are many and continue to come on a daily basis. I realize how much there is to learn, to do, to experience on this Earthwalk, on this journey.

I wish to inspire others to be themselves. Their true selves. Really not caring what others think.

Dancing in the front row at concerts, laughing out loud, saying the quirky things that are on your mind, finding a deep rooted belief in your being and owning it.

I am setting the intent to inspire my‘self’ to be an inspiration to others. To show the world that we can have it all. That we can function on this planet, be inexplicably happy, while still facing reality.

This week I went through something that was very hard but through the work I’ve done on myself, the understandings I’ve come to, the people I’ve surrounded myself with I was able to work through it and get out of it rather quickly. I’m so proud of who I am, I truly love myself and my wish is for everyone to feel this deep rooted love for their very being.

I am love. I am peace. I am a sense of empowerment. I am woman. I am light. I am an inspiration. What are you?

Wake up!


Haha. I can’t help but laugh, but chuckle as I glimpse at some of my old writings. I say old, but merely a month and a half ago.

I’m impressed.

Very impressed, very pleased with myself. I can directly point the growth I’ve come into by stepping up. Facing that which was bothering me and dealing with it. Within the past 6 weeks I’ve lived out in nature and learned many a lesson. I attended a 10-day Vipassana meditation retreat. I’ve healed myself in South Padre. Spirit has blessed me with beautiful human beings surrounding me. Spirit has blessed me with beautiful spirits surrounding me. I’ve stepped up to the plate, am answering the call, not questioning, just flowing through life. Taking each day for what it is, striving to live in the present moment, with-in reality.

As I’m sitting here, typing, I feel this sensation come over my body. A blissful sensation, a natural high. I feel my thighs on the chair, I pay attention to the feelings of the keys from the keyboard on my fingertips, I notice the strength of my back holding my posture upright, I feel the hair pulled up in a messy bun on the top of my head, I feel the breath coming into my nostrils, I feel the warmth of my heart, the glow of my energy, I feel me, I feel Angelique and I tell myself Hi. I tell myself how much I love me. I feel honored, blessed to be me, and I couldn’t imagine being any different. I love my quirks, I love my insecurities for I am healing them. I am facing them, I sense the challenge and I LOVE it.

Learning how to deal with me. Understanding why I feel down when I do so and realizing that life comes in waves. 

Realize that we will not be perfectly happy at every moment and be ok with it, for this is perfectly normal. We are HUMAN. We are complex beings. Yet, it is realizing that when we feel inadequate, unhappy, insecure, this is a direct sign that growth is just around the corner.. if you want it to be.

We manifest our reality. We manifest our life. Realize this. Don’t blame others for the place you are at, if you are angry with someone, look inside of yourself.

Face yourself.

Face. Yourself.

Face. Your. Self.

Be equanimous. Live in the present. Face reality, by feeling the sensations in your body. Not worrying over what happened a minute ago or what is to happen a second from now. Never give up. Always try your best, without caring what the outcome will be. For when you honestly try as best you can in any given situation, you will naturally be where you are meant to be.

Don’t take life so seriously. Love the moments. Create your own path, your own destiny. Follow your heart, allow it to guide your actions. FEEL, truly feel. Ahhhh just live.

Respect your body, respect human kind, respect our planet, Mother Earth, Pachamama. Allow your heart to sing its song of glory, of praise, of love. Breathe, remember that. Be, inter-be. Inter-be with all beings, both human and non.

Peace J